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We are family-owned  and operated  with a tradition based in excellence and customer satisfaction.



Murphy & Hartelius/ M&H Uniforms is a family owned and operated business with three generations involved in day-to-day operations. The Company has been manufacturing and distributing airline, transportation and corporate image apparel for over Fifty–Five (55) years. Companies wearing our tailored uniforms and accessories include United, US-Airways Delta and Southwest. We supply our uniforms to Business Aviation and Corporate Flight Departments including NetJets and Landmark Aviation. We are an active member of the National Business Aircraft Association. Amtrak/Caltrain and The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) and The San Mateo County Transit District (Sam Trans) wear our Public Transportation Uniforms. With offices/distribution centers strategically located around the country, M&H offers our customer’s regional access to a variety of “in stock” tailored uniform programs with no inventory obligation. Our collection includes male and female tailored garments in a variety of fabrics and styles, as well as, shirts and blouses, neckwear, outerwear, sweaters, and other accessories and TravelPro Luggage. Call us at (800) 888-9927 to see how we can offer you the very best in image apparel. Or contact us at info@mandhuniforms.com
    • Burlingame-Corporate-1-800-888-9927

      843 Stanton Rd. Burlingame, CA. 94010
    • Denver-United Training Center-1-303-780-5652

      7401 E. Martin Luther King Blvd. Denver, CO. 80207
    • Dallas-Southwest Training Center-1-800-811-8611

      2195 Research Row WGS8TC. Dallas, TX. 75235
    • Minneapolis-MN-1-866-692-6009

      7500 Airline Dr. Bldg-C-4211. MN. 55450
    • Memphis-TN-1-901-345-0393

      3811 Airways Module C 2nd Floor. Room-2370.Memphis, TN. 38116
    • Fort Worth-TX-1-817-967-5300
      4601 HWY 360 MD 861 Room 1G-120. Fort Worth, TX 76155